Neuroenteric cyst

2005-11-15-11 Heron Werner, MD*, Pedro Daltro, MD*, Dorothy Bulas, MD# * Clínica de Diagnóstico por Imagem (CDPI) & Instituto Fernandes Figueira (IFF) – FIOCRUZ – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
# Professor of Radiology and Pediatrics – Children"s National Medical Center – George Washington University Medical Center – 111 Michigan Ave, NW, Washington D.C. 20010

Neuroenteric cyst is a rare anomaly. It results from an incomplete separation of endodermal elements of the notochordal plate. In the ultrasound scan, it has an anechoic structure and is usually situated in the posterior mediastinum. The cyst wall contains elements of both gastrointestinal and neuronal origins, being connected with the meninges. There is a high concomitant association with the anomaly of segmentation of the vertebral body.

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